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New scooter laws just in time for comic-con.

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The San Diego city council unanimously approved new scooter regulations today.  The key takeaways are reduced speeds, 8 mph in some areas down to 3 mph in congested areas.  It will be enforced automatically by the scooters through geo-fencing.  Scooters will also only be parked in designated areas.  No more randomly scattered scooters.  These regs are effective starting in July.

I don't know what will constitute a congested area during comic-con.  3 mph is slower than I walk.  As on a bike, the slower you scoot the less stable you are.  It's the spinning wheels inertia thing.  Something to think about if people are hoping to use scooters for transportation and will be staying relatively far away.

I wish they would just ban them in the CCI area; almost got run down by the stupid things several times

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Well how about that?  New rules just in time for SDCC...but 3 miles an hour?  Might as well ban them altogether. I wonder how many people will realize they won't go any faster than that in certain areas before they rent them.  Could be a big disappointment and lessen the fun factor.

They make the trip from MGH to Hall H line a lot easier, I'm all for them  :P


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