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Give your blood to the con (AKA the Robert A Heinlein Blood Drive)

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I know it's super early, but for some reason, I checked in and found that the San Diego Blood Bank has opened up sign up slots for the annual blood drive.  It's something I do every year, and I think is a totally worthwhile cause to be a part of as there are emergencies everyday and hospitals need blood.  For the first time ever though, the drive will open slots up for Preview Night from 9 am to 6 pm (just in time to start Preview Night).  I confirmed this with the San Diego Blood Bank.  This  is on top of their normal times Thursday through Sunday.  So I know a lot of folks here will be in San Diego already so if you have time before Preview Night (and after the morning FoCC Breakfast), you can spend an hour to donate your blood before all the craziness starts.  To see Comic Con, you will need to set the dates from July 17 to July 21.

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Remember, on top of the good feeling of helping out, you also get free swag like graphic novels and an extra Comic Con bag and pin and an exclusive high quality shirt (last year was the Marvel's Avengers shirt).  All it takes is a little blood (ok a pint, which is a small milk cartoon, but you won't miss it).  So if you think you can spare the time and blood, I encourage you to sign up ahead of time and participate.

Signed up! Weirdly my favorite slot was already taken, so I had to take 10 minutes later. 

Friends of Comic Cons:
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All signed up, thanks for the reminder!


May as well. I'll be staying at MGH so it doesn't get more convenient than that.  :)

Signed up for Wednesday after the PN Breakfast! I usually help my friend set up his booth Tuesday and Wednesday, so hopefully we'll be done with the heavy lifting by then! Ha.


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