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502 Bad Gateway cloudflare


Fyi we had some minor issues with one of our services (cloudflare) this morning. It is used to provide faster and more consistent access to our site.
Unfortunately that issues caused some outage. We thought folks might be interested in knowing Cloudflare's response.


Dear Cloudflare Customer,

Today at approximately 13:42 UTC we experienced a global service disruption that affected most Cloudflare traffic for 27 minutes. 

The issue was triggered by a bug in a software deploy of the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) which resulted in a CPU usage spike globally, and 502 errors for our customers. To restore global traffic we temporarily disabled certain WAF capabilities, removed the underlying software bug, then verified and re-enabled all WAF services. 

We’re deeply sorry about how this disruption has impacted your services. Our engineering teams continue to investigate this issue and we will be sharing detailed incident report(s) on the Cloudflareblog. 

~The Cloudflare Team 



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