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Oversized Vehicle Parking???


I am driving out from Utah and am considering renting a 12 passenger Ford Transit. I have looked into parking at the downtown hotels and most of them won't valet this vehicle because it is oversized. has anyone taken this type of vehicle to Comic Con and been able to valet park it? which hotel? If I can't find a hotel that will take it am thinking of dropping everyone off at the hotel and parking it at the airport long term lot. has anyone done this? or have any other suggestions for this? Thanks

Airport long term parking is what I'd suggest.  The parking garages' spaces are so tight (and short) you'd have a problem parking it in any of them.  Plus airport is cheaper.

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I usually drop off friends and luggage and go park at one of the garages by the airport. Either uber or scooter back to the hotel. You dont reallly need your car until sunday. We also check out in the AM and check bags.

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Just adding to the list of dropping everyone off and using the Airport garages. Not sure if they allow it, but I know there was some down by the Waterfront that looked like they could accommodate and somewhat along the Con shuttle route.


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