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TENET - Nolan's latest plowing ahead to open in theaters

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It seems that WB is moving full steam ahead to be the first studio to release a tent pole blockbuster film mid-July in the middle of a pandemic that USA is in no way in control of (as of early June, with cases spiking thanks to Memorial Day weekend festivities: and look for them to spike again in 10-14 days after early June saw protests in ALL 50 states).  Advertising is ramping up, which is a clear sign WB has the cojones to be "first" and release their huge movie in theaters.  There are some smaller releases planed for earlier in July, but TENET is the industry's litmus test to see if 1) theaters can exist with social distancing guidelines and 2) movie fans are comfortable going to a theater to see a movie.

While all of us can likely agree that movie theaters on their best days are in no way "pristinely up-kept" (sticky floors and seats; trash and food under seats; bathrooms that may or may be breeding grounds for germs in regular non-pandemic times), I suspect moviegoers may be divided as to wether or not they're willing to risk an infection (as well as infecting loved ones & strangers) to see Christopher Nolan's latest.

From an industry standpoint, we already have the largest theater chain in the world (AMC) on the verge of bankruptcy (one early April no less: meaning their situation has not improved), saying there's doubt they'll ever be able to financially recover enough to reopen for business.  Add the fact that Box Office split is in no way advantageous to theaters for opening weeks, AND the fact that theaters will likely run at significantly diminished capacity: it's hard at this time to think there is financial viability for a struggling movie theater (rather corporate or independent) to justify staffing & operating expenses running at such diminished capacity.  Few theaters, to the best of my knowledge, have laid out their detailed plans for reopening w/social distancing so it's hard to get a feel for what that'd even look like.

And add this: every other studio is using TENET to see if _they_ can release their movie now too.  TENET moving forward to theaters paves the way for Disney to release MULAN July 24th, as well as some smaller films the rest of the month.  Remember, WONDER WOMAN 1984 is currently slated for a mid-August release (which feels like WB kinda hedging their bets to me).

*this would be where I might make a joke about the plausibility of THE NEW MUTANTS actually being released in theaters in August 2020, or if it will be either delayed for a billionth time and/or released via streaming*

On the plus side for the industry, Christopher Nolan is a brand to himself, one of the most profitable in film.  At this point there's no reason to even worry this film won't be at the least fascinatingly entertaining, if not a masterpiece.  So it's even more tempting than a superhero film, or 'pop corn' type of movie easy to skip in theaters.  I think if TENET doesn't make bank, it spells significant(ly more) massive issues for the film industry

So what say you: will you go see this, skip it, or wait-and-see?  In the spirit of the unknown, I made settings allowing for changes, so if you plan on going in early June, and by July 4th there's a huge spike in COVID-19 cases (or you become smitten with "Hamilton" on Disney+ and watch it on repeat for the duration of the month) you can change your mind down the road.


Me going to the theatre to see Tenet

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I'm staying home except for store runs and one volunteer job.  Going to movies is probably what I miss most, and I love Christopher Nolan.  If I'm going to go out, a movie would be why I would do it.

Only way Ill be going is if I head on a small road trip to go to the drive in theater.

Tenet will only open in July if 80% of cinemas worldwide are open. Also, the majority of cinemas in New York and L.A. have to be open.
If that's not the case then Tenet will be pushed back to August in the WW84 slot.

As much as I want to see the film, and it would be cool having a Nolan film as first out of the gate, I'm under the impression it will be pushed.

Expect confirmation either way in the next couple of weeks.


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