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From entertainment and comics to anime, gaming and books, free panels are available all days of ReedPop Metaverse on, so head there to fill up on finest geeky content! Select a tab to see the panels of your choice below, and make sure you smash that subscribe button on our YouTube page to get notified when the panel you want to see starts.
Panel times are subject to change, come back to this page for the most up-to-date info!

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Metaverse Day 1 Playlist

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Supernatural Cast Reunion - The End of the Road

Join Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural, The Big Lebowski, 13 Reasons Why), Timothy Omundson (Supernatural, Psych), Osric Chau (Supernatural, Arrowverse, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency), and Lauren Tom (Supernatural, Futurama, Ghost of Tsushima) for a rare Supernatural cast reunion where they will discuss the show’s powerful ending and give whole new insights into their characters and Supernatural experiences.

This free panel will be broadcast on ReedPop’s YouTube channel on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 7:00AM PT/10:00AM ET/3:00PM BST and will be exclusively available to watch on demand for the rest of the Metaverse event.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Managed to snag the probe droid. As a Hallmark crown rewards member, I also got free shipping and was able to apply this week’s $4 off coupon. 8)

I tried watching some of this, but found it depressing.

First, I don’t think ReedPop could figure out whether they wanted to associate this with ECCC, NYCC, or a completely new event. It was a week from when the rescheduled ECCC was supposed to be and some of the “guests” overlapped with the original ECCC March lineup. But they never specifically mentioned it as being a virtual ECCC. The panels were on the NYCC YouTube channel. Thy had the logos for NYCC, ECCC, C2E2, Keystone, FL Supercon, BookCon and London MCM at the top of the page. They heavily advertised the content on ECCC and NYCC Facebook pages; less so (but still some) on the pages for the other cons.

ReedPop’s websites have been one of their weakest points. They are ugly and hard to navigate. The Metaverse Website was no exception. They usually have good merch...but not for this event. Most of the t-shirt designs were sad and depressing. The only interesting thing for sale was the badge for $6. They also had merch on two different sites (there was merch on the ReedPop official webstore, and merch on the autograph/meet & greet site, some merch overlapped but not all and there was no rhyme or reason why they were split between two different sites.)

I generally avoid paid autographs/photographs completely, but noticed they had virtual meet and greets (most about 3 min.) This in itself is probably a good idea. But they were extremely expensive, even moreso than the usual price of photo ops or autographs. Most were in the low to mid $100s. Misha Collins was like $362. They also sell prerecorded messages which were a bit cheaper but still high. But as I don’t ever pay for these, I’ll defer opinions on whether they were overpriced to those who do.

Panels were free, so I can’t complain about the price but most of them were kind of depressing too...mostly Zoom meetings on an ugly background. ECCC panels are usually pretty bare bones to begin with, but with a fuzzy facecam with no audience energy they were even less enticing. The most interesting one was a live (or live recorded?) drawing by Junji Ito. For virtual cons, a screen is required, so they really need clips/previews, excellent production, or some other way to make the screen an advantage rather than an obstacle.

This may have just been a test run for their virtual NYCC.


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