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SiliCon (formerly Silicon Valley Comic Con) - August 28-29 2021

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Transmute Jun:
SiliCon will be held in-person, August 28-29! More details about tickets and guests will be announced on May 15.

Anyone else planning to attend?

I'm on the fence about it.  I don't think I'm ready to mingle that much yet.
When they announce the details on the 15th I'll give it some more thought.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
I'm curious about the kind of show they intend to have. Adam Savage seems really into all of the maker stuff, which isn't so interesting to me. Given the long shutdown, the fact that SiliCon is a 'new branding', and the possible reluctance of big talent to attend shows again, they might decide to change the focus of the show. Personally, I'm hoping that they keep the science/pop culture mix that they have had for a long time, but that's uncertain until they give more details.

I agree.  That's also part of my iffyness until I see what the focus is going to be.

Well this is a complete surprise. I kind of expected it to never come back, but instead it becomes the first major west coast convention to return. :o (That is, if it can still be considered ‘major’ after 2019, although to be fair nothing is probably going to be too major this year.)

I’m not too excited about it becoming a maker-faire con either. It also won’t be walking distance anymore, as we’ll be in SF by that time. So even though I really want to get back to conventions, I’m lukewarm on this one at this point. I’ll wait and see what kind of programming they announce.


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