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SiliCon (formerly Silicon Valley Comic Con) - August 28-29 2021

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First round of guests are up and it’s a lot better than I was expecting (though mostly due to my expectations being low.) Celebrity guests are Lou Ferrigno, Bruce Boxleitner, Charles Martinet, Dirk Benedict, Jake the Snake, Kenn Scott, and Mark Sheppard. Science guests are Astronaut Cady Coleman and Physicist Kevin Grazier.

Considering that this is the first con back, the lineup is good enough to make me go assuming that they actually have panels. It’ll be weird not being able to walk to it anymore though.

Transmute Jun:
Andy Weir is coming as well. His panel is usually good.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
William Shatner was added as a guest.

I rolled over our VIP badges from last year to this year. I sent them an email on the 15th, but only just heard back today. I received my voucher and confirmed my badges for the 2021 show.

Dan Berry:
I may attend. I'll wait for the guest list and vendor/artist alley list first.

Transmute Jun:
I just got my press approval this morning, so it looks like things are moving along!


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