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Army of the Dead: Snyder revisits the genre that put him on the map

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I just sat down to watch this on Netflix, but thought I'd start a thread as I 1) kind of roll my eyes to see this is almost 2:30 (sigh....) and 2) see an opening credits sequence that feels like a riff on Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD.
Don't get me wrong, I love the zombie movie genre, and any film that brings something new to the genre gets me excited: and a "high concept heist in the middle of a zombie quarantine zone" starring Dave Bautista (and Tig Notaro!!!) makes me extra hyped - even if Snyder once again characteristically over-bloats the run time. Again.  :P

Anyone else see this yet?  I'll check back in later on with my thoughts

I just put 'Army of the Dead' on my Netflix list about an hour ago.   :)

Transmute Jun:
I watched the first 15 minutes, through the opening title sequence. I thought it was fun, but it felt like there was nowhere to go from there. I've seen some reviews that suggest the title sequence is the highlight, and that it goes downhill from there, that the characters wear too much plot armor, and that the most unique part of the zombies is basically ignored.

I haven't seen the rest of the film, but I'm wondering if it's worth it the next time I subscribe to Netflix...

I really respect your reviews Transmute Jun.  So now I'm really afraid to spend the time watching it.  :(

My daughter and I saw it in the theater last weekend (with popcorn!!).  We enjoyed it, but we went into it as a fun reason to go to the mall and have snacks.  My main criticisms are time related --- I mean, anyone who has walked the strip at Las Vegas knows how long it takes to get anywhere, AS IF you can lose someone there and just easily find them (in a different property!) in just a few minutes.

I'll be interested to read your thoughts.


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