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"For All Mankind" Apple TV+ space race series


I know this is a "late to the party" but HOLY COW this series is awesome!!  The premise is relatively simple: Russia beat USA to the moon, and the space race never ended.  It's a bit of 'Alternate History' (especially the 2nd/most recent season), but it's generally a really fascinating look at NASA and the space program.  In this alternate timeline, Russia put a woman on the moon relatively quickly and NASA also quickly moved to involve women in the space program (beyond the real-life Mercury program where women took "unofficial" psych test), and during S1 both countries were rushing to get a manned base on the moon.  The series balances real events and people with fictional characters/and alt. history.  For example, in S2 Sally Ride (real life first American Woman in space in the early 1980's) features pretty prominently; there are plenty of real life folks used (and sometimes manipulated) in stock footage as well.

I don't want to get into tons of plot details, but the special FX is top-notch.  Ronald Moore is the showrunner/creator who was a writer on Star Trek: Next Generation, was the showrunner/creator of Battlestar Galactica reboot in the 00's (a series I adored).  Moore likes to play in the grey areas of morality, and often likes to push the limits of what's "right and wrong," per say, and he does that here as well.  The series deals with POTUS Nixon, then Ted Kennedy (!), and Reagan so there is sometimes politics in play as far as decision makin and what not: but the show doesn't necessarily lean on either side of the political aisle.  Both seasons end and/or begin with significant time jumps with S2 ending at a point with an accomplishment NASA is currently pushing to achieve.

The 1st season doesn't play up the 'space race' a ton (though there is an ongoing plot for the race to a moon base) while S2 has a much more tense Cold War vibe going on.  There are plenty of tense moments (mixed with the obligatory 'soap opera esque' drama from time to time) throughout, and as someone who really digs NASA and its history this is a real solid series.  The 2 seasons span mostly a decade ish, with the solid musical needle drops one would expect.  This show didn't seem to get a ton of hype the last couple of years, and while I've had Apple TV+ since August 2020 I'm only just now falling for the series (season 2 wrapped up winter/early spring of 2021 - and the last few eps of it ARE A DOOZY!!).  Apple TV+ doesn't have a ton of original programming yet, but the shows they have are generally good quality.  Ronald Moore knows how to bring the tension and the drama to a space series and "For All Mankind" is a real solid one!

Has anyone else watched this series/is catching up currently?  I seriously can't stress enough how satisfying the last few eps of S2 are (and how tense things get between USA and Russia)!!

Been great so far.  Really like that each season is another decade.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginBeen great so far.  Really like that each season is another decade.

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Yeah watching the S2 finale, during the Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Most of me digs the substantial time jumps, but part of me is bummed at the thought of 'losing' characters because of it (like, I was immediately bummed at the thought of losing Sonya Walger's Molly Cobb due to a decade time jump - I _LOVE_ that character and kinda hate the thought of just kind of casually passing by
--- Quote ---her fate after the solar flare incident
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).  I do love the premise of keeping things super fresh with the actors/characters and not letting things feel like they get too settled or too stuck on a specific time period for longer than a season or so.  I guess just like CAPTAIN MARVEL I'll happily relive the grunge/post-grunge era again via popular media properties!  :P :P


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