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THE MATRIX: spoiler talk of the latest movie + entire franchise


With the new movie trailer dropping, it feels pertinent to talk a bit about the franchise + speculate what may be in store in the not-too-distant future.
First, recall that the concept BITD was for The Matrix to be a Star Wars-esque property, with multi-media tie-ins that were all supposedly canon.
Lets recap what we have, as far as bare bones properties:
* Animated: The Animatrix - video shorts compiled into one collection.  Some directly tied into the films, some filled in 'gaps' from the "past" that detailed the rise of the machines, and some told completely independent stories within and around The Matrix.
* Comics: I'm unfamiliar with these, though some were direct tie-ins (one written by Wachowskis & illustrated by the original films graphic designer).  I've gotten the impression they were similar to the Animatrix: anthologies within the Matrix universe.  I plan on doing some deep-diving and trying to track them down in the near future
* Videogames: some of these ran 'parallel' to the film series (Enter the Matrix, for example, had you play as two co-stars of the sequel movies), while some were direct continuations.  In one online game, that was supposedly canon, Morpheus died!

I have to run to class, but I'll update this with thoughts on the past iterations of The Matrix, as well as what _might_ be coming in the sequel.  Feel free to add your thoughts here!!

Kinda bummed there’s no Laurence Fishburne or Hugo Weaving, though

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginKinda bummed there’s no Laurence Fishburne or Hugo Weaving, though

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Yeah, Weaving had a scheduling conflict; Fishburne was never approached so his absence is potentially story-related (again, his character died in a supposedly 'in-canon' video game, so maybe that?).


That brings me to a thought I had after watching the trailer, like, a dozen times last night.

Jonathan Groff (of Netflix masterpiece "Mindhunter" fame, as well as the original Broadway King George from Hamilton) mentions to Neo "...going back to where it all started: back to The Matrix."  Now, what if, Keanu's character is someone who went into a mental spiral because of the movie THE MATRIX?  And Groff's character, maybe a psychologist or something similar, is referencing psychosis suffered by Keanu's character after going off the deep end w/THE MATRIX theories?

1) there are some shots of Keanu's reflection in a mirror with the image clearly someone NOT Keanu Reeves.
2) there are obviously images from the original film THE MATRIX in the trailer: not 'echos' or flashbacks - actual scenes of Keanu's character looking at a screen with shots from the 1999 film THE MATRIX being projected.  There are two shots that I saw with that imagery (Keanu's character either looking at THE MATRIX on-screen, or THE MATRIX being projected in a background)

So, what if this film has Keanu's character as a totally not-Neo/Mr. Anderson guy who went off the rails after seeing the original THE MATRIX?  Like if you've ever seen the recent documentary A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX, people who believe in theories similar to what they saw in the movie THE MATRIX absolutely exist.  People have become _obsessed_ with the philosophies of that film - actually believe they (we all) are living in some sort of made-up reality/simulation.  What if Lana Wachowski's movie is a play off of that?!

Regardless the 1999 THE MATRIX film exists in the 2021 THE MATRIX RESSERECTION film, and that in and of itself feels like an incredibly interesting development.

Another amusing 'easter egg' is Neil Patrick Harris' character, who seems to be a psychiatrist of some sort, wearing blue-framed specs.  Of course we remember the "blue pill" keeps the person docile and blissful ignorant of The Matrix construct (referenced about 30 secs later when Keanu's character is dumping out a container full of blue pills: with the visual correlation being Harris' character is prescribing the blue pills to Keanu to keep him complacent/compliant with The Matrix trappings)


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