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Have you booked your Hotel/apt?

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I'm just curious how far along people are in the booking process

Hey, it's Corin from the CCI FB page.  I already booked the hotel for my boyfriend and I in early October.  It's in Mission Valley, but last year it worked so well, it took less then 10 minutes to get to the convention center and park underneath it.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I will be able to get mines booked in January.

I plan on going to Comic Con 2012 if I can get the time off work. Would probably get the cheapest place to stay as possible as long as it's in a reputable area and close to the Convention centre.

It will be my first time there if all goes to plan. Going down from Canada requires more planning and booking! Quite excited, actually.

Was planning to split a room w/ a friend but looks like I'm getting bailed on. The current plan is to save cardboard boxes from my recent move and building a shelter for myself.  With everything seeming to be a bit later this year w/ the Member IDs and then the badges, it could become tight trying to plan where to stay...


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