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Call for Hotel Reviews - SDCC 2022 edition!!


Okay guys-once you've recovered from the glorious return of SDCC, please think about doing a hotel review based on this year's experiences (previous years are also welcome).

The hotel review thread is here
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The first post has the format. Once submitted, I then quote it in the compilation thread for others to view all in one place (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login). We also have a thread with a list of links to the list of hotel review to make it even easier to find them if you are looking for information.(You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)

Thanks in advance!

(Global mods and admins-I am only setting this one as sticky temporarily)


Keep those reviews coming! Thanks to those that have written one up!

(I guess I ought to do mine... 😅)

Another bump - post them if you got 'em! Appreciate the input so far.

Oops - left this one up. Just a little bump - if you can even remember your hotel stay LOL.

I will unsticky this now. Thanks for the input that was received!!!


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