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Jesse O:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginYeah I live in LA, and with my comic con schedule I feel like commuting all 5 days would be hellish. You have traffic in the morning to deal with and exhaustion at night to deal with. Totally worth it to get a hotel. Some people call SDCC Nerd Prom, but I call it a Nerd Sleep Away Camp.

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Totally agree. I’ve commuted from LA and I’ve stayed in a hotel.

Hotel wins. Every. Time.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWell, next year I'm gonna try to get a hotel room for my group for the first time. We normally commute since we live close by but the late nights/early mornings were painful this year. The 2 hours we would save by not commuting sound wonderful.

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My sis and I teamed up with some random Twitter folks for a Hall H line, and one of the women in the group actually lives in San Diego and chose to stay in a downtown hotel just for the convenience, so yeah, I would totally get a hotel room!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Even if I lived in San Diego, I would probably try and stay at one of the nearby hotels--because of the atmosphere.  It can be so much fun being more in the thick of things.  I want to experience as much of the atmopshere as possible.  If I had the funds...sure, I would do that.

Moxy hotel for 2023.
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Residence Inn Gaslamp is also available on (and marriott for direct through July 22) for 2023 SDCC dates. Booking is no-prepayment needed and free cancellation while Marriott is I believe deposit/prepay but refundable and cancellable. They're good rates too, will be roughly what I paid for HBF for the same number of nights this year! I just booked Residence Inn Gaslamp through booking. I would have done so through Marriott, but I really don't want to do a deposit at the moment. Also, when I pulled it up on my phone on Marriott earlier, it was letting me choose July 23 for check-out (Sunday,) but now it it's limiting me to Saturday. Might check back tomorrow to see if that changes.

Can't take credit for the tip, Carlo on the FOCC discord posted it and this link to the tweet about it, and pinged the hotels role, just putting it over here for the non-discord people:
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 If anyone is already looking at backup hotels for SDCC 2023, Residence Inn Gaslamp has a few affordable room available (Tuesday to Sunday) with free cancellation and no prepayment required.
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