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My friends and I got a room booked at Double Tree  by Mission Valley. One less thing down. Just have the flight left.

The list on the CCI Early Bird page has Sheraton Mission Valley, San Diego, but it is not showing on the ONPEAK page.

eta: Other than that, the list is exactly the same as last year (so maybe there was copy and paste going on, and they forgot to remove that one. Or, it will show up later)

After many years of only getting two days, usually Thursday and Sunday, somehow i got all four days plus PN (I am still shocked) and I would really really like a downtown hotel since this might be my last year. 

I've been looking periodically for discount hotels for downtown, and nothing have gone down at all.

They won't go down in price.  In fact, if you look at the prices for hotels right now and then compare the rates for comic con it's really sickening.  The hotels really price gouge.  I get it, they took a hard hit during the pandemic, and running a hotel has got to be fiercely expensive, but what I noticed in last year's hotelapcolypse is that hotels such as the Manchester Grand Hyatt, which is a very nice one btw, kept releasing more rooms here and there as the convention date grew closer.  A cluster of rooms would suddenly be available on the "second chance" waitlist long after the confirmation deadline passed and I have to wonder if the hotels didn't participate as "robustly" as they have in the past with the lottery discounts.  It's an assumption of mine NOT based on any facts, so I am only voicing an opinion based on an observation. It was really irritating though and I was already locked in to my room at the Kona Kai and would have had to forfeit an entire night's stay to snag a MGH and that was not worth it.  The Kona is a very nice hotel btw, and if you like quiet, it's the place for quiet because everything shuts down by 10 pm, even on Fri and Sat night. 


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