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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginYes, there will be several food trucks, but imo, they are expensive and I never eat at them. There is an excellent and low-priced taco shop on the NE corner of Harbor & Katella that I really like a lot. The strip mall it's in houses several affordable restaurants.

Marriott has a really nice dinner buffet that is around $25 and I think worth it as it's very nice food, not a typical buffet

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Thank you very much <3 Fortunatelly, my best friend lives there, so I'll stay at her home the whole week and I'll try to have lunch there as well, so this way I can save a lil more money for the con itself *-* I'll definitely try the Tacos!

Not sure if this is asked elsewhere...

Any tips on parking?

If I'm driving in, what are my chances of parking at the convention itself (the parking lot that is part of the convention center)?

What's a optimal time to arrive?

Thank you :)

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