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Spoiler tag , roll over the black box
to do, highlight spoiler text, then click on the box above the smiles with the white 'S' & back 'P' this is how it will look;
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

let me google that for you; clickable link to a search;
type the search words into the field, highlite, click on the muti color letter box above alignment boxes "LMGTFY'
[lmgtfy]comic con international[/lmgtfy]

I've added a "Joined Date and online status" which appears below the avatar

This forum is now in the Tapatalk system. It is a method of easily accessing forums on portable devices.  It does cost $2.99 which goes directly to tapatalk, nothing to me.  This is a good walk threw,

I've also implemented a hover/preview tool.  When the cursor rolls over a forum thread, the user should see a 50 character preview of the thread.

Some additional features built into this forum people may not be aware of can be found at Profile/Modify Profile/Look and Layout.

Show most recent posts at the top.
Return to topics after posting by default.
Have a quick reply window at the bottom of the page.
Use sidebar menus instead of dropdown menus when possible.
Adjust the displayed time.  The Forum time is set to San Diego. to adjust it for your time zone, go to Look&Layout then click on (auto  detect)

I like the spoiler tag thing.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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yeah, it is really needed!

Transmute Jun:
I'm wondering who's going to have spoilers for me now! :D

Alyssa, this looks great! I can tell that you put a lot of work into this.

Zero is the Hero!
She did all the re-organization like moving the threads---We had 3 parking threads(!), no wonder why i could never find stuff- I am very grateful she has joined the team!


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