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First time able to attend NYCC. Any advice you can give?

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Yes, this area is more than okay.  You'll be fine.  You can even catch the 1 or 2 from Columbus Circle, switch to the 7 at Times Square going Westbound and it will take you right to Javits.

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I'm looking at attending NYCC for the first time this year and have booked in to the West Side YMCA, 5 West 63rd Street. The bookings refundable until Sept so no risk in booking now if i change my mind later.

Now the accom is very basic and it's a shared bathroom but I'm ok with that as all I really need is some where to sleep but my question is if the area it's in is OK.

I picked it as it was very cheap, next to few tourist attractions I want to see as well and the location is just about walkable to the javits centre (half an hour walk). Obviously closer is better but trying to keep this trip as cheap as possible so I'm ok with this for basic accom!

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I work not far from there. It is a VERY safe area. I sometimes work until midnight and I've never felt unsafe walking that late. There are almost always people out, and there is a police station at Columbus Circle, which is just a few blocks from there. Also at Columbus Circle, every train that stops there is an easy transfer to the 7, which terminates directly across from the Javits.

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How hard is it to get into the Hulu theater?  We want to see the 5:30 panel and am concerned that it will fill up hours earlier.   


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