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Some folks were discussing Hallmark ornament exclusives in The Walking Dead HC forum. I felt they deserve their own thread.

I got the Hallmark Ornament exclusives for the first time last year.  Thinking about spending the time on them this year at Preview Night.  Anyone have tips they want to share?

For flippers - I think they are a great buy b/c of the size. Last year I wanted Comic Book Guy for my collection, but flipped the Star Wars ornament for double the price.  I think I waited in line for two hours to get mine.

What Hallmark ornaments would people like to see this year?

Transmute Jun:
I thought Comic Book Guy was perfect for SDCC! Naturally Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments are also good fits.

My friends who get Hallmark ornaments every year basically just line up in the Sails Pavilion on Preview Night and then race to Hallmark the moment the doors open, Half the time they are able to get their ornaments on Preview Night using this method.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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just as a visual reference....

If you went every day to the hallmark booth, you got a different Star Wars button.  Peanuts booth did the same but charged like $1 for each one.  Cool for lanyards if you like that sort of thing.  No line.

Transmute Jun:
Really? We got the Peanuts buttons for free last year, just for walking by the booth... Maybe you're talking about different ones? Ours were small white circles, and they had a different character on them each day.


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