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I am glad you guys find the site useful & enjoyable!

Thanks for putting this together.

I went last year for the first time and it was great. I made a couple of rookie mistakes in terms of logistics (selecting a hotel a little too far out, wasting time in lines for bigger panels that in retrospect I should have avoided, getting to the pre-registration too late, etc.), but otherwise I had a good time.

While I did everything CCI told us for Saturday's badge sales, I ended up falling into the e-mail link trap and ended up not getting any badges for this year. I ended up about 1600 back when they announced everything was sold out. Bitterly disappointed in how that turned out and in CCI's lack of an appropriate response. But I'm going to give the resale a try.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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The Gossamer:
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you score a badge on the resales. Best of luck to you Nate!

This thread will be locked, since we now have a specific place for newcomers to say hello.

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Thanks! ^_^


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