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I was really glad that I found this forum. It's fun wading through all the posts and stuff on other sites, but it's also great to know that I can come here and get the important information that I need. I have never been to ComicCon but I'm gonna try like hell to go this year. Wish me luck that it all works out.

Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the forum. Too easy to troll on FB so it'll be nice to share ideas and get advice on here.

Something that may be useful closer to the date is setting up threads for carpools, meet ups and other things like that to get some names and faces matched up.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Thanks for setting this up! 

I'm in Canada and have never been to California (but I did live in Phoenix for a year).  This take out a lot of guess work in planning this trip.  I missed out getting tickets last year, but hopefully as a first time goer, I (and a few friends) will get them this year.

Thank you to Alyssa and Chris for creating the forum!  It should provide helpful for all things Comic-Con. ^-^d

thanks for doing this! As a first timer, any and all information is greatly appreciated, and to have a place to be able to ask your questions to others who have been there is a great resource.


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