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How'd you pick your avatar?

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Mine is my dog because she is awesome and I love her.

Mine is a War Machine (Iron Man) helmet I started making a few years back out of paper. It's called pepakura which apparently means paper craft/model. You basically take a 3D model of something and export it down to a flat constructable paper (and tabs) which you can then cut out and build into your own model. The more detail you want, the more complicated it gets (i.e. more pieces and more gluing). It took me 9+ hours just to cut out all the pieces. After that, I glued it all together (used a hot glue gun) which took quite some time, as well. I put one coat of epoxy on it to harden it up a bit and that's where I stopped. I always tell myself I need to finish it, but never have the time to do it. So, it sits in my garage waiting for me to be motivated and confident enough to finish it and dare to wear it at Comic-Con.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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My avatar is a picture of Daredevil! He's currently my favorite marvel character  ;D

My current avatar I ripped years ago from Marvel's "Stage 3" mega-announcement at Disney's El Capitan theater.  It was timely and I just never switched it out.  My Doscord account that I use for my Comic-Con line/buying-group is a picture of a Simpsons Hallmark ornament I got at Comic-Con one year of Comic Book Guy in a t-shirt that says "Worst Con Ever."  Someday I might switch my avatar here to that when I'm motivated enough (pic here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)

I held records and was a four year letterman as a runner in college.

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