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Marvel Studios no-show for SDCC 2015

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Just saw this on Twitter and I know some people plan their Saturday around this but it looks like Marvel might not be a sdcc this year, hopefully Marvel will show up.
  @Crazy4ComicCon: James Gunn on FB about Marvel and Comic-Con... It was as if a million nerds cried out in anguish...
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Wow! Totally shocked. I imagine there are a lot of disappointed fans.

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I'm thinking that he was just being sarcastic but you never know. The Marvel universe is getting bigger so I would think they would be at sdcc unless they holding back for D23.

Wasn't this somehow expected though? I do remember reading some time ago that Marvel wanted to leave SDCC, especially after the Disney buy-out. Their Phase 3 event last October could have been a sort of experiment of sorts, and since it was successful, they will most likely have an independent event, or be fully incorporated into the D23 Expo.

With that being said, while I am somewhat sad, I am grateful to be able to experience more of SDCC 2015 without the chaos of Marvel on Saturday. I will miss Marvel TV though!

In a recent FB post, "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn said that Marvel wouldn't be going to SDCC.

I doubt this means Marvel Comics - can't imagine an SDCC without them having a presence at the con. I also doubt this means no presence for Marvel Studios related stuff at the main Marvel booth. I'm assuming this is limited to a "no Hall H" level of appearance.

But... the story broke online a few hours ago, it'll be interesting to see how quickly Marvel does damage control / clarification.


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