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Marvel Studios no-show for SDCC 2015

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It looks like two people had the same idea and may have potentially crossed into The Outer Limits!  (They were on the same brain wave!)

I'll merge this newer, duplicate thread with the slightly more established one.  For the merged thread, I'll retain this thread's title (Marvel Studios no-show for SDCC 2015?")  I'll also move this thread from "General Discussion" to "Programming, Panels, and Lines."


You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIn a recent FB post, "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn said that Marvel wouldn't be going to SDCC.

I doubt this means Marvel Comics - can't imagine an SDCC without them having a presence at the con. I also doubt this means no presence for Marvel Studios related stuff at the main Marvel booth. I'm assuming this is limited to a "no Hall H" level of appearance.

But... the story broke online a few hours ago, it'll be interesting to see how quickly Marvel does damage control / clarification.

--- End quote ---

It's a D23 year. So, it wouldn't be a HUGE shock but IMO, those two shows are so different. But then again, they have announced all their movies. I guess they could announce some casting news and show footage like always.

And I'm sure Marvel comics will be there. Even when Marvel doesn't do MCU panels/booth, they still bring comic guests.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Michael M:
I'm gonna be one of the guys that thinks that there will be a panel, even given what's been said by Mr. Gunn.  Agents of Shield, how well the Peggy Carter mini-series went, and then Ant-Man is being released the week after, I really can't see Marvel totally skipping the standard Saturday.  If they did, it would give a *huge* amount of traction to the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU?) so I can't see Marvel letting that happen.  Add the Netflix series and there's really a ton of stuff.  Now whether they do all that in H or 20 or somewhere else...dunno...

(Note that the above is not an invitation to cause a whole Marvel v. DC war here).

Marvel can bring their TV shows without bringing their movies. You can do one without the other.  And with Netflix, it would depend on when the next series is out. Since they release all the episodes at once, it's not like they can tease something unless the new series isn't out yet.

I know I'll be very disappointed if they don't do a Hall H panel and it definitely could change a bit in my planning if it's true. I would not be completely surprised if they skip but I would have thought if they were going to test it out it would be 2013 when things were already a proven success instead of going as large as they did. Especially as I just would think they would want to introduce the more chance-y upcoming movies in their timeline, even just briefly, to the SDCC audience rather than elsewhere at least once.

Of course, they're bringing Star Wars to D23 this year I imagine so maybe they're hoping that combined it will be a big enough draw.

I am hoping he meant it as a joke/sarcastically though I have to think he would know how things read in writing, especially on the internet.


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