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Poll--- Do you like Hall H wrist bands?

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While we have assumed that wrist bands would continue for hall h in 2015, there seems to be some question abt weather or not CCI would implement them again for 2015.

I voted yes, but with major reservations. The wristbands did fix exactly one facet of the problem - large groups of people joining their friends in line just before the line condensed/moved in in the mornings.

They did NOT help anything else, and there were some major problems with distribution and inconsistency.

Worst of all, they upped the panic factor and IMO caused lineups to begin even earlier than they would have otherwise. But that won't be reversed by eliminating wristbands this year.

I think the main problem for the Hall H (and soon, probably, ballroom 20) line is when the line is allowed to start. And until CCI is willing to create and enforce a policy on that, all the tweaking of rules and wristbands will only cause confusion and at best miniscule improvement in line experience.

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I said no. It's a system that potentially could work, but it was implemented so poorly last year that I think the only thing it did was create even earlier line-ups. My main problem was that they anounced the distribution times. So it really didn't alleviate line cutters all that much. They just had to alter their strategy slightly. I  was in line for Saturday well before the time that they said they were handing out wristbands, and I watched the line ahead of me swell to at least double it's initial size as more and more people joined their friends in line closer to wristband distribution time. Then, once they received their wristband they could all just leave until the morning anyway as long as a friend stayed behind. I saw it more as a minor inconvenience for line cutters rather than something that would stop them.

If they handed out wristbands as people entered the line, I'd be much more on board. But to do that, they'd have to start enforcing a rule that didn't allow people to line up until "x" time. Which of course would present a whole other set of problems. Maybe the answer is out there somewhere, but I don't have it, and CCI definitely doesn't. Ah well.

I voted yes more on potential than on actual execution.  I absolutely agree with earlier comments.  Line cutting didn't stop, it just shifted from early morning to late afternoon.  If they do this again they need enforce no advance line forming (good luck on that one), but then need to start handing out wristbands as soon as the line forms.  I also think no announced time would help or you just have a few thousand people descending upon a particular spot at the exact same instant.

I'm just afraid if they eliminate wristbands that the genie is out of the bottle and lines will still start to form the previous afternoon anyway.  Only this time, without wristbands you'll have line cutting all the way up until 6am and find the line in front of you not doubling, but tripling or quadrupling.

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I agree with DaveG. The wristbands are a good idea in principle, but were not executed well. They need to hand out the wristbands as you get in line, and enforce not starting the line until a certain time. They did this last year on Thursday, breaking up lines that formed 'early'. But then on Friday they let the unofficial line become the official line. All that did was reward people who lined up early and encourage that kind of behavior again.

They also need a *lot* more people handing out those wristbands. Distribution last year was very sloooow.


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