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Horton Grand Theatre Ticketing Process?

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There are a couple of Horton Theatre panels on the schedule that I'd really like to attend. CCI's webpage says that tickets will be distributed for the day's panels at 9am in Sails. Does anyone have any advice on how the ticketing process works? I know I'll need to get in the "everything that isn't Hall H" line but once everyone splits off to Ballroom 20 or the exhibit hall, how busy will Sails be with the autograph lotteries also going on? Will I need to stick around overnight or can I get there early in the morning?

I have the same question. I've never done anything with tickets in the Sails.

Can someone explain when and how the "Everything" line gets split up, and what the Sails is like in the morning?
Like are you just let into the convention center and have to find your way to Sails yourself? And once you get there I assume you just find the ticket drawing (booth/tent/table?) you are looking for and line up there, right?

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We did one of the Horton Grand panels last year. We got in line as the Everything Else line was moving inside, and joined a small holding area across from B20. It was mostly full when we got there, and then they started sending people outside to line up. The line was for all CCI run drawings that day, including Horton Grand panels and CCI-run autographs. But they couldn't hold the drawings until the other ones were done in the Sails... and that took forever. Our drawing wasn't until 10 am, even though they said it would be at 9 am.

Once they finished giving out panel tickets (seats pre-assigned, 2 tickets given out per winning draw) they gave out standby tickets. At our panel, not everyone with tickets showed up, and they let in all of the standby.

I just found this guide from the sdccblog last year: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Very helpful!

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sddcblog's  last map on the page a good overview

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Just saw the Bablyon 5 Reunion panel will be on Saturday.


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