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Friday morning panels back to back in different rooms - suggestions??!

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I am taking my teenage daughter to Comic-con.  The Korra panel at 10 am is a must, in room 25 ABC.  Then Stevens Universe is at 11 am in the Indigo Ballroom and is also a must :/.  What to do??  Can we split up and I go to Indigo Ballroom to hold a place for her?  She probably can't get from one room to another all that quickly and I'm already inside.  Can we switch places when she does arrive?

Also any thoughts about how early to be on line for 10 am panel in 25 ABC and 11 am Indigo Ballroom panel??

Last question - I'm stuck in La Jolla, any ideas for how to get down to the Convention Center by 5 am (assuming that we need to do that) ??


karl clement:
the 2 panels are 2 far apart to try and do both, sounds like you have to make a choice

Friends of Comic Cons:
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There is a slight chance that you could make it into Adventure Time/Stephen Universe after it has already started.  Last year I was able to walk right in to Indigo for Regular Show about 5 min after it started. The CN panels are popular though...so this is only a slight chance, but factoring in the amount of people that will be in Hall H and B20, it's not 100% impossible.  I would say if you have nothing else to do instead, or if you like it enough to make the walk out there and see, go for it.

I agree, you should just try and see what happens.  Just map out the fastest route from one room to the other and give it a shot.  Worst case is that you'll show up at the Indigo, see a line and realize you have resort to Plan B.  Just set your expectations accordingly and you'll enjoy whatever you end up doing.

It sucks that she has that conflict, but she will have to leave the first panel 10 minutes early and be ok getting to the second one 10 minutes late. I'd say it's about a 20 minute walk from one to the other. Have you been to SDCC before? If not, on Thursday, I suggest you and your daughter make the walk from 25ABC to Indigo, because it could be very confusing for a first-timer, especially someone who is younger (though I have no idea how old your daughter is). Might as well time it while you're at it, so that you have a better estimate of the time frame that you're working with.


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