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Line groups and shifts for specific days.

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CCI is doing wristbands again this year. And they have formalized the process. I don't want to give up a full Day. But if a group of 4 or 5 get together it will make it easier to enjoy the Con and still get in on the day you want.

So what should we do, post our names and the days we're interested and then someone will organize the group via PM or something?

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I want to get in for the BIG  Friday I have a badge for all four days. I am looking for 4 or 5 SDCC Con goers to share the line sitting time with. My Idea is to take shifts. If you are interested send me a direct message. Ill coordinate as best I can between the group members. Remember we all have to be there at 830 PM on Thursday :)

I'm hoping to do Hall H on Saturday. Any folks interested in lining up together some time on Friday?

Not sure when though. Was hoping to do the iZombie panel on Friday which ends at 6:45, I believe. Will probably just shoot to the HH line right after and hope for the best.

Shoot me a PM or respond, I'll try to watch this post. :)

Side note: First con, first SDCC! Going solo. Excited!

I'm also interested in Saturday, I'm trying to organize a disabled line group, if anyone is interested PM me.


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