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Is it as difficult to get into Hall H on Sunday as it is Thursday to Friday?


While my question if about the popularity of th esunday panels in Hall H, my first questions is, will there be wristbands for the Sunday Hall H panels?  It doesn't say so on the CC quick guide.

So, now here's my real question: how busy is Hall H on Sunday?  I'd like to see the TBX clip they are showing, but not sure I can spend the whole day in there.  If anyone has an idea of when I should get into the Sunday Hall H line to insure I see the TBX clip at 3:30pm, I'd be grateful for the info.

And, Thanks all for your help and great info on this board!!!!!

Yes there will be wristbands. Distribution starts at 11PM on Saturday.

Last year Sunday was a walk-in, and I suspect this year will be the same though obviously I could be wrong.

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If doctor who was a walk in on Thursday and that's normally the big Sunday panel than yah this year should be no problem on Sunday.


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