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This year instead of 1 large panel they went with individual panels for each of their shows.  I think I liked this approach better, even though they had very little Q&A time for each panel, at least each show had it's own platform.  They did them in the following sequence; Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, and Supergirl.  They saved the screening of the Supergirl pilot for the end after throwing in some acrobatic performance.  It was beautiful, but late and everyone was getting tired.  I really love Supergirl, but already saw the pilot.  I was determined to see it again, but after nodding off and missing about 10 minutes of it I decided I might was well call it a night.  It was already 11pm and the panels were done.

One note for those who try to take pictures of any exclusive content.  Probably not a good idea during a WB presentation.  I saw 3 people, just in my section pulled out of their seats by security and forced to go show them every picture in their phone or camera to prove they didn't take anything illegal.  One person was at least upset or embarassed enough they packed up and left shortly afterwards.

Transmute Jun:
Did they give out swag bags at this year's DC TV panel?

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I didn't get a swag bag.  It was kind of bizarre.  They gave out glow sticks.  However I was pretty far back in the room and I missed the first ten minutes in line...mebbe something was given early?  Or never reached me way back in the room.  But glow sticks?   :o

It certainly was better attended this year than last. I can't help but think it was because of the swag given out last year-at least for the casual attendee. I already suspected there wouldn't be any this year. Last year was the inaugural year. I had hoped for some, but was not expecting any. I wanted to see the "panels". I also love that they did them separately. The intro with Stephen was awesome.

DH is not quite as cynical as I am, and I do agree with him somewhat-a lot of the better attendance was also probably due to there not being separate panels for the shows. He said "They are pretty popular". We got to Hall H at the same time as last year, and did have to queue up for a bit, but it wasn't too bad. Last year, we walked right in at that time.

I am very happy that they did the Supergirl panel before the pilot-was had also seen it already. DH really wanted to see the panel, but I would have probably fallen asleep during the pilot also!


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