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When creating a new thread in this area for new movies and TV, please put "***Spoilers***" or "***No Spoilers*** in the thread subject line so folks can decide whether they want to proceed.


So would I need to warn spoilers if I were to say Steve Rogers isn't Captain America  after Civil War? The story arc has been out for maybe a day or two, the new Lego Avengers game has Sam Wilson as Cap, and last year Lego gave out the Sam Wilson Cap as a mini fig?

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Also, if a movie isn't released yet, 'spoilers' are hard to determine. Often the so-called 'spoilers' before a film is released are just rumors. In most cases, spoilers aren't relevant until the film's release (such as in the Suicide Squad thread).

But on occasion, threads will be created prior to the release of a movie so that folks who've had the opportunity to see it early can have a place to discuss OR in prep for a big release

Not to beat a dead horse.....

Just saw the movie "Disaster Artist".  The movie is based on the film by Tommy Wiseau's "The Room".  I usually don't get into cult films so everything was completely new to me.  Starring James Franco and Dave Franco and featuring Seth Rogan, this film describes how "The Room" came into being by struggling actors Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero.

At first I'd thought, what am I watching?  But the more I watch the film (in a theater as it was street cleaning day in my neighborhood so I tend the spend the morning watching a feature) the more it grew on me.  James Franco outdid himself playing the strange but hypnotic Tommy Wiseau.  The Wiseau character reminds me of people I'd met in collage from 68-73.  Totally out there, but actually sincere in their vision and goals. 

If you should decide to try watching this movie, please do stay for the ending credits. 

As bizarre as the parts of the movie where the crew is filming "The Room", you learn that the scenes are faithful re-enactments of the actual "The Room" film with side by side views of the original and the recreated scenes.

I ended up looking up the back story of Tommy Wiseau after I got home.  Wow!


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