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Re: Rhode Island Comic-Con - 11/11 -- 13/16
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2016, 04:44:24 PM »
This convention is only a week away and I am starting to get a little nervous/annoyed. They still have not released the panel or photo op schedule. I wanted to buy some photo ops and autographs ahead of time but can't really do that till i know if things conflict. Photo op presales end tomorrow. Not going to order any till i know if they conflict with any panels i want to go to. They don't take credit cards at the convention so now if i want to do any photo ops i have to carry a bunch of cash which i don't love doing.
I am also hearing that Kate Beckinsale has cancelled. I know cancelatiob happen but RICC has been silent on this. They pulled all her ticket packages from the website but she is still listed as a guest on the guest page of the website. They are also still selling her photo op. They dont answer any emails or posts on twitter or facebook about if she cancelled or not. I know cancellations happen but i would just like to know either way. Plus if she did cancel and they know for 2 days already and still kept her up on the guest page is kind of a shady move. If she didn't cancel then it just strange that they totally erased all traces of her ticket packages from the website.
I just really hope this convention goes better then the feelings i am getting about it.

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Re: Rhode Island Comic-Con - 11/11 -- 13/16
« Reply #16 on: November 16, 2016, 06:18:23 PM »
Boukenred wrote 2 articles for the Blog. Check it out.
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Re: Rhode Island Comic-Con - 11/11 -- 13/16
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