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Who has the best selection of comics?


Hello everyone! Figured I could get this thread started...What booth do you think has the best selection of comics?

Personally, the newer ones I'm looking for:
Thief of Thieves #1 First Print
Manhattan Projects
Walking Dead #100 (SDCC Variant)

You'll find those at most of the bigger modern booths.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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just look towards the west end of the convention center at the comic seller booths and you'll be good. all of those are brand new-ish so you might even luck out at the local comic shop before the con.

I actually have no idea, but it seems that the books I love the most are from IDW and Dark Horse. American Vampire, Locke & Key....both favourites. I'll be hanging around both of those booths and lucky for me they're almost next to each other! Uff...if I don't get the new Locke & Key and/or one of the keys I'll be the lady sitting on the floor bawling like a 4-year old.  ;D

Bert Su:
I am only a fan of an entire company when it comes to DC and IDW. When it comes to Marvel and Indies, I only read top tier titles like Star Wars, Spiderman and Voltron. I like to stop by the IDW booth every year to buy exclusives, variants and get autographs.


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