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Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Photo Gallery

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The Hard Rock Hotel has published it's Comic-Con 2017 Photo Gallery on Facebook and includes numerous celebrity sightings and great cosplay shots.

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They caught a lot of costumes that I never got to see during the week.

Thanks for these! Scrolling through and realized I grew up with one of the shirtless Outlander dudes.  :D

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Oh my, it can certainly be disconcerting to unexpectedly see yourself in the background of a celeb pic...back on the treadmill! LOL. ???

Awesome pics!   Great snapshots of Olivia Munn and Fabio.

And from the pics, it didn't seem like you even needed to go into the convention center as there were plenty of cosplayers and celebrities up and about the Hard Rock.

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Bald Will Smith FTW!

In all my 10+ SDCC years, the Hard Rock is the only Hotel I've never ventured into.


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