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Michael M:
While the ability to ignore a person exists, their nickname and the "this post was ignored" verbiage still appears, so while I'm able to hide the post, I'm unable to totally hide/ignore that person.  Is there any additional function available to "totally ignore"?  Thanks!

I think it works more like a mute button and wasn't meant to delete posts.

The forum has a function in your Profile to add Buddy and Ignore Lists. I haven't seen much change with the Buddy function yet.

In contrast, the Mobile version (via Tapatalk) also has the function to Ignore only (nothing for Buddy Lists, though.)

In Tapatalk, you can select a poster's profile.  At the top right, select the three dots.

Only the option to Ignore/Block will be visible.

Afterwards, in Tapatalk, the posts will show similar to the desktop version.

But adds a way to rehide the post after you read them.

Later, you can choose to Unignore/Unblock via Tapatalk as well.

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Michael M:
Yeah, the fact that the ignore-ee is still visible in the thread is what's really distracting.  No biggie tho.

Yeah would love to have someone rambling about [redacted] not popping up in everythread.

I had no idea there was an idea function. Thank you for pointing this out! Some users just post non-sense.


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