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A word about Meet-ups & Social interactions at Con

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Please take the time to be gentle with other folks. A great majority of us in the geek community have some social quirk or anxiety's, please understand and give folks room. [member=4351]corgikohmander[/member] published a pro tip recently that really struck home with me

Great post, [member=4351]corgikohmander[/member] and [member=1]alyssa[/member]!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Excellent rule of thumb for always if you ask me. Thanks for posting this.

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It is very true, my daughter and myself tend to be social but my son is very introverted, still trying to get him to meet ups. Of all things Pokémon Go has helped. He will go to community events otherwise prefers to be a homebody.

Andrew Costa Mesa:
I am definitely introverted.  I am no social butterfly.  That doesn't mean that I am anti-social or unfriendly.  I'm just shy.


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