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Channing Tatum Helps Out The Man


Michael M:
Saw this this morning while home today, laid low by the con-crud (kicked in gear last night, and hoping a day of real rest will help), and thought it was a really cool/short article, and the first word I thought of was respect.  Not saying anything that disses the other folk on that panel, but the dude immediately helps The Man off the stage...that is just freaking cool.

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My husband showed me that-very cool! What a sweetie.

Yeah people make fun of him a lot but he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

A true gentleman.

OMG I love him even more!  I've read about what a great sport he is during press tours, always polite and fun and ready to give a quote.  Such a contrast with some of the other "stars" (cough, cough Jesse Eisenberg...) :)


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