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Suggestion for Hall H line control

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Hi everyone. Not sure if this is where I can post this, but during comic con I was thinking (as I'm sure most people were) about better ways to control certain lines, specifically Hall H. After the Star Wars cutters mess, I thought of an idea that I'm just going to post here. Feel free to discuss or post your own ideas.

The wristbands for Hall H, I think, worked as far as giving people a sense of where they were in line/how full the room was/ etc. It did also probably cut down on cutters when filing into the hall each morning so I don't really have a problem with that. What didn't work was their distribution, because that's when people cut/rejoined groups etc. I saw pictures of the progress from there being a line 2-people wide during the day and an angry massive hoard of people 20-deep at night. I can't imagine having to live that nightmare.

My suggestion:

CCI organizers had the right idea in kicking the Next Day Line out to the back because there's plenty of space. Since they probably can't put up physical barricades because of emergency protocol, etc, and people still need to be free to move around for bathroom/food breaks, what if they put down tape squares (I'm very bad at measurements but let's say 10ftx10ft?) all in a line (think hopscotch), and say that each square is for 10 campers. Once a square has 10 people, fill the next square and so on. Once settled in that square, there must be at least 3-5 people in it at all times (so people can't claim a square then leave one poor soul to watch it all day). If there's less than the designated amount of people, then either those people get kicked out and everyone moves up one, or simply that square is X'd out (passed over come distribution time). I think this would inspire camaraderie among square-mates, help people who are camping in line alone, and prevent people from cutting later on. It would be immediately clear that someone doesn't belong and wasn't originally in that square if they're standing next to the group and happen to be an 11th person. Then the wristband distributors just move down the line, giving wristbands 10 at a time.

It's half-baked, probably too complicated, and I came up with it while sitting in the sun for the next day's Exhibit Hall line, but it's the best I've got. Thoughts?

On first read, I like this idea.

1) I think it would help form a bond. You know, defend your square and all that. Stay in this Square, get in that Hall...

2) Maybe you were cool letting someone cut before, but now that selfishness would make you the 11th person (and therefore kicked out of the square. All that time wasted). So the incentive to not allow cutting is there.

3) Also, numbering these squares would be good for CCI tracking (trouble-making squares, squares with issues/concerns, etc...) and easier for members of your group to find each other throughout the day/night.

1) It would reinforce making friends with people in line because basically now you're all part of one big group.

2) Exactly. It's basically just giving a measure of accountability. That star wars line burst at the seams because people just walked up and stood next to people, or friends met up that hadn't been in line before. The thought might have been, "it's only 1/2/3 people, it won't make a difference." But now it will make an immediately visible difference. If CCI finds a group housing 2 cutters, they withhold the wristbands until the group decides on which ten people get the wristband. The extra two-- to the back of the line (literally the back because it's unlikely any other square would have room for them to just squeeze in).

3) Haha, clever! This way people know if it's even worth camping out for. Let's say CCI puts down 500 squares, so 5000 people. Twitter updates show squares 350-400 just filled up, better get in line soon!

It's not a bad idea.  There are probably a few bugs to be worked out, but generally I like it.  I like that if your square is full and friends start begging to join you, you can just tell them there's no room in the square without feeling bad.  Plus you would know exactly where you're at when you get in line.  If you're in square #95, then you know there are 940 people ahead of you.   You'll know what section you're in even before they hand out the wristbands. 

It also forces people when they get in line to declare how many are in their group.  Three people get in line and declare 5 more will be joining them.  So they get room for 8.  The max you could get room for would be 10.  After that you would need to split into 2 groups if you need 2 squares, but would also need 6 to 8 people there to hold those squares.

I also like very much that it's a low tech idea.  While a lot could be done using technology, I don't trust CCI to pull anything like that off without major issues for a year or two.

Like I said, I'm sure there are things that would need to be worked out, but in general it sounds pretty good.

The Gossamer:
These ideas seem good. I stayed away from the lines due to the chaos. The only problem is that on paper it looks good for line control but in real life it just doesn't get enforced. It would require many security people and CCI people to strictly enforce this. The quality of security people range from good to very bad not caring what happens around them. You would have to head count every person in each square which would slow down the wrist band process. Also if your group has 1 or 2 extra people who gets kicked out without a fight?
  I think it really comes down to being able to patrol and enforce the line capping and cutting with properly trained security (which will never happen due to the poorly trained and questionable people that are hired for security). The attendees could self police the line but that would probably lead to conflicts/fighting.

 I do not like the wristbands at all since it has just created another feeding frenzy for attendees and has pushed the line to Hall H up to 1-2 days prior to the showing.

 On a positive point I do think where the line up took place was in a much better location.


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