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Don't Understand Where Lines Are? This Should Help

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So many new people were asking where lines start for different rooms, especially Hall H and Ballroom 20.  I went to the Convention Center and took some pictures to try to help people understand.

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Thanks for this! Since I am an SDCC noob - No matter how much I look at Google earth, I could never get a sense of where things will be. This helped.

Also, the hyperlink is broken.

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Thanks Musica1.
I think it would be also useful if you can put some "pins" on one of those maps:
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Thank you

And since this question gets asked every year - if you don't already have your badge, you will line up by A to go get it first. You do not go line up with your panel line until you have a badge.

Last year in the programming guide, they had a map of the panel rooms with little color-coded arrows showing where you are supposed to line up for each room.  I tried to find it online but couldn't.

It was near the centerfold of the program guide (not the souvenir book) so look there when you get your materials when you get your tickets.


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