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From Mo Shafeek’s insta, they will be at SDCC

--- Quote --- Happy Top Gun Maverick day, for those who celebrate.

Throw back to San Diego Comic-Con, which we will be returning to for the first time in 3 years this summer.
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Any thoughts on Funko being the new parent company of Mondo now?

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAny thoughts on Funko being the new parent company of Mondo now?

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in general mondo folks don't want to deal with funko lines to get a poster. Like is happening with the Loungefly exclusives

This will effect nothing this year.
The last 2 cons (since funnko lottery went online) Mondo lines have been way crazier/chaotic than funko.  Mondo's line has been closed due to these problems mutliple times....not Funkos.

I haven't got many Mondo posters in the past couple years but definitely been collecting their vinyl. I'm more than a little disappointed and not looking forward to what becomes of them.

I think think this year will be fine, since most plans are already done. Possibly next year too, but i can see by 2025 the experience being markedly worse than it is now, even for what an awful experience it is now. They should've gone lottery for con years ago and they'll probably start doing that. But there's something to the opportunity cost incurred by being forced to stand in line for Mondo that makes the drops feel a bit more exclusive.


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