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Discord chat coming *veryvery* soon!
« on: October 28, 2019, 07:46:58 AM »
We have installed Discord chat into the forum! Many thanks go to [member=13]Car_Low[/member] for working with me to get this implemented yesterday and to [member=6586]chocolateshake[/member] for the planing and workflow! It would not be in place with out them.

We're enabling the chat for Supporters, site helpers and Moderators today. If you have a moment please open the chat catagory on the very top of the forum, then click on the discord chat board. This should open the discord chat window. you will be required to authenticate with either your FoCC forum credentials or your Discord credentials. We are working on getting the verification by FoCC credentials working.

We ae working on a FAQ. There is a help thread for questions.

There is one cross over board between the discord site and the forum. Like the forum, the discord site is way more then that one board but the one board give us a way to communicate with the WHOLE community. 

if folks are interested in exploring the discord capabilities- there are


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