Author Topic: Ace Parking for SDCC 2022  (Read 17807 times)

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Re: Ace Parking for SDCC 2022
« Reply #300 on: July 27, 2022, 03:25:26 PM »
Sharing my experience with parking at HBF this year. The line to get into HBF parking garage wasn't as long as previous years likely due to less attendees coming due to COVID. When we entered, sometimes we were given a parking ticket and sometimes we weren't given a ticket.

On Wed, the parking attendant told us to put our barcodes on our dashboard because they were towing but no one else mentioned that on subsequent days (and I don't recall having to put our barcodes on our dashboard in prior years).

Upon exiting the parking garage, at least one of the parking booths had the arms up so you didn't need to insert your ticket. The other parking booth had the arm down so if you didn't get a ticket on your way in, you couldn't easily exit from that booth.

Overall, it was pretty smooth getting in and getting out each day we were there.