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SDCC 2022: July 20-24, San Diego

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The State of San Diego Comic Con 2022: A Talk With David Glanzer Chief Communications, Strategy

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Movers & Shakers Unlimited - 2022 San Diego Comic Con Fb video

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020: Welcome to Comic-Con 2022!

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Special Thanks go to …

For 2 years we’ve been waiting to see you walk through the doors of Comic-Con in-person. So officially, Welcome back. We hope you were able to connect once more with the community you love. Make memories with both new and old friends. While the pandemic put many cosplays on the back burner, y’all came through with confidence - from film accurate costumes to creative couture, You made Comic-Con more epic than ever! We hope you met your heroes and cherished every minute between.

Thank you to all Creators, Artists, and Collectors for continuing to bring us all joy and levity, now and in these past stressful years. From the panels you eagerly waited in lines for to the games you played, hosted, and dominated in – thank You for bringing them to life with your cheers and encores.

Comic-Con is the place where you’ve created a family of friends who accept and embrace you for your geeky, nerdy self. We thank You for choosing Comic-Con to be the place you call home, year after year, no matter what. So finally, Thank You for everything – we couldn’t do it without ya.

Comic-Con 2022 Quick Links

Rundown of all 2022 Toucan Tips

Program Schedule

Quick Guide online edition

Official Comic-Con App (App Store + Google Play)

Covid-19 Info

CLEAR Health Pass

Comic-Con Museum

Today is the day! Have fun, stay hydrated, and let your geek flag fly! Can’t wait to see you there.

Bookmark Toucan in case you need to reference any helpful Toucan Tips for Comic-Con 2022. July 21–24 at the San Diego Convention Center!

Posted on Jul 20, 2022

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