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Remind me - is the convention center open for lines in their smaller rooms prior to exhibit hall opening (e.g. Room 6AB)?  Is there a time the halls close or are they 24 hr?  I know the larger rooms (Hall H, Ballroom 20) line-up outside, but wanting to know if you access inside for the others.  Thanks!

I think you need to line up in the everything else and run for it once you get upstairs.

Thanks....that looks to be correct.  I never lined up for a programming room outside of Hall H before opening.  Didnt realize its the same as the exhibit hall line (everything else).

Given the listed times of 9:30am, if I want to go to exhibitor hall at 9:30am I should just show up to the main doors?

But if I recall correctly there is a line that goes up past sails pavilion that starts going at 9am? Or does one have to go for that line even to get in at 9:30am?

The everything else line feeds into the convention center around like 7 am (someone else can give the proper time if it's that important). From there, there are usually 2 lines to get into the exhibit hall; one by Sails and one by Hall G. Those lines open are both let in at 9:00 am. The sails line feeds into the middle of the hall (around the 2000 booth numbers) and the other line feeds into Artist's Alley.

If you want to just walk in, those doors usually open around 9:30 but it's much more dependent on how much of a power trip the security guy watching that particular door has. I've definitely been stuck outside at 9:45 because of this.

If you absolutely have to be in the hall at 9:30, you'll want to be in the everything else line before 9:00.


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