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What swag did you get from your panels? 

I heard black atom got lanyards and imax pass.
I heard Marvel gave a hat. 

Transmute Jun:
Nothing yet. I was in panels all day yesterday and nada.

My friend was in the BZRKR panel and got a ticket for a poster. HOTD also had posters and a tote.

Today’s Funko panel is advertising a giveaway to all attendees.

I hit the jackpot in Indigo on Friday. Usually it’s just Bob’s Burgers and Archer that have swag and maybe one other, but this time 5 did:

Gremlins: Not sure how exactly to describe this, but it’s big, pop-art ish, high quality and very cool looking.
Vindicators: Rick or Morty Mask (as in, plastic halloween-type mask)
Bob’s Burgers: Pin
Little Demon: T-Shirt
Archer: T-Shirt

Also, Moon Girl and Devil Dragon gave out a ticket for a cheap poster.

Great North gave out pins. The walking dead panel before have out a shirt but I missed it.

DC comic panels gave out pins and comics. Got comics from a few Marvel panels too.

MCU Hall H panel yesterday was a Multiverse Phase 4/5/6 baseball hat.


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