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Just found this article about IDW's plans for WonderCon.
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Transmute Jun:
Neat! I'll have to check out their booth at WonderCon and see what they've got. My kids have become really interested in the Star Trek titles.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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For those of  us with little fangirls at home, I saw on another forum, Mattel might be doing something with Monster High at WC. Nothing was really said, other than there is talk in the Monster High circles of a possible Monster High exhibit at WC. It was on a collector/fan forum, so don't know how much truth there is to it.

Just read this about the becoming Iron Man website. Screen Crush thinks it might tie into WC or SDCC. IM3 will be released before SDCC, so hopefully it will tie into WC someway. Here's the link
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I am SO hoping for an Iron Man panel!

Hopefully Robert Downey Jr decides he could use some more adoration from his fans and makes an appearance.


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