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So there's still one more day left but since it's Easter Sunday and not everyone will be back, I thought we could start getting some feedback as to how things went this year at WonderCon in Anaheim and what people liked, didn't like, etc.

I'm glad it didn't rain. Traffic was still a pain but just as bad as any major city so as long as you're prepared and gave yourself a time buffer, you were fine.

The food options were solid thanks to a good variety at the food court in the Hilton, the presence of the food trucks and more variety inside the convention center including the arena. Would still bring food in when possible but still pretty good options conveniently located.

Disappointed w/ what seemed to be fewer exhibitors *cough*Marvel*cough* and not a ton of panels. Hopefully it was just b/c it was Easter weekend and studios didn't want to commit as many resources. Kinda felt like you could do almost everything in one day and be done with it.

Really enjoyed the arena experience. The stadium seating gave everyone a good view. Gotta be careful of the steps though. Anyone know what the capacity was? Thought room 300AB was a decent size and could be rearranged to be even bigger if needed since there was still a ton of unused space in the back so overall, the space is there to handle big crowds should they bring more panels in.

Thought the fountain area outside the convention center was awesome. Ended up being a great place for cosplayers to hang out and ham it up on the stage for all the cameras. Some of the photographers did a great job organizing photo ops by group (all Marvel or GI Joe and then Cobra, etc) so it made for some fun photos. Was just a cool hangout spot and helped decrease the stop/start traffic that usually occurs inside b/c everyone's trying to take pictures of everything.

Please add your thoughts on what went well and what you'd like to see if CCI decides to put another show here in Anaheim.

Andrew Costa Mesa:
I give an F to the people in yellow and black shirts who didn't seem to know where attendees could go to pick up badges.  Asked one of them who referred to his list which didn't seem to answer my question.  Asked another who used his 2-way radio to get the answer, of which nobody had an answer for him as well.  Finally, I saw one of the attendees with a 3-day badge (the same badge I ordered) and just asked him where he got his badge and I got my answer.  Preparation is key!

Friday, I was at the Arena (WonderCon's smaller version of Hall H) and got to see an episode of the CW's "Arrow".  Earlier, I went to a jobs panel for people who can't write or draw but still want to break into the comic industry.  I also visited the exhibitor's hall, which didn't seem to have a large assortment of vendors unlike the San Diego Comic-Con, but there was no shortage of comic book vendors.  I bought a few comics, something I would have done at the San Diego Comic Con if I wasn't sick on the last day.

Seemed Saturday was the only day that had interesting panels.  Got to see the cast of NBC's "Revolution".  Also saw the cast of the upcoming film "The Moral Instruments: City of Bones", to be released by Sony Pictures on August 23.  Then I got to see the panel I was waiting for, the remake of "The Evil Dead", coming out next Friday (April 5).  The cast was there including Producer and original "Evil Dead" alumni Bruce Campbell.  He alone made that panel very entertaining!

I currently don't have any plans for attending on Sunday, but if I do, it will be a last-minute decision.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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My only gripe that CCi has control of is spacing between booths. It's not like SDCC where space is at a premium. the booths towards hall A especiialy was pretty tight compared to others around the convention center and I saw some room to spread it out a bit to allow better flow of traffic.

The only 4 complaints I have are kind of petty. It was on Easter Weekend (had to miss Sunday due to family stuff), no Marvel, no Lucas, and the Swag was still lacking (don't get me wrong got some free books at Dark Horse, but over all swag was lacking). I thought it was much better then last year. I still had an awesome time. It was a great warm up for SDCC. Most of the days I felt kind of rushed trying to make it to the signings and find everyone. It was a first person shooter version of "Where's Waldo." It was a great time! Sad to see it gone, but we have SDCC 4 months away.

Swag was lacking for sure. I also felt the staff was pretty rude, that wasn't the case last year. I had one guy yell and me and give me a really hard time because I wanted to take the stairs instead of the escalators, which didn't even seem like a problem the rest of the time.... just that once. Really why do you care if I want to take the stairs??

Otherwise.... I had a pretty good time Friday. I didn't go Saturday because I waited to late and it sold out, but there were panels that I would have gone to see. I didn't go today (Sunday) because there weren't any panels that I wanted to see, which was a shame. I think my only other complaint was the disorganization and what seemed like a totally unneeded line to get in... I literally walked the length of the entire building 3X in that line, and I was almost late and got a crappy seat for the panel I wanted to see (and got there in more than enough time to be early) because of it. I guess it was to control some imagined mad rush going to the floor, which isn't where I was headed. It just seemed like they could have just let people in like they did last year and it would have been fine.


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