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Transmute Jun:
As far as arena capacity, at the talkback panel, CCI said that the capacity of the arena was very similar to the capacity of the big room 300 ballroom setup they used last year. He didn't give numbers though.

The Arena seats 7,500 not counting the floor seating. So I'd say there were about 4,200-4,500. The ballroom when used to max capacity seated 3,800ish. Those are just my guesstimates.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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First Wondercon.  Before, I've experienced both extremes, the small hotel conventions and SDCC so didn't know how to compare these experiences.  Overall, I'd say this is somewhere between a B+/A-.  The quality of panels I went to (BSG, Superman, Warner,sony,Joss whedon, nerdist, arrow) were good except for Revolution which sucked and actually ended early.  I think the convention is missing 1 or 2 big panels and a few more major vendors(and that's not counting marvel) to really make it an alternative for people who couldn't go to SDCC.  That's not to say I want this to get any bigger.  I liked being able to wait only half an hour in line for Joss Whedon and still get a good seat and aside from waiting 2hours to get the shirt and DC exclusives, I liked going around the exhibit hall and being able to chat with the vendors and artists and not feel like being swarmed by a crowd. 

My only gripe is that I am really sensitive to smells

Transmute Jun:
That's an interesting review.

At the talkback panel, one of the people said that this year's WonderCon was 90% of the good stuff about SDCC without 90% of the bad stuff. IMHO those percentages are somewhat high. What do you guys think?

I think those percentages are a little high.  If there were a few more good exclusives, more swag, and maybe Man of Steel, Iron Man, or Star Trek panels, then it'd be a 90.  And the line for DC stuff was a lot longer than anything I waited for in SDCC.  Also missing was the area really getting into the spirit of it.  Aside from the banners, you couldn't tell Wondercon was in town.


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