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The wait continues for Pro-Registration to open up.
Please join us in checking these sites... :)

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eta5.4.12, this link is requiring authentication....a good sign that we're a step closer!

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this is the pdf for 2011 information on Pros
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Transmute Jun:
The pros really need to get their registration done! Supposedly it was to be done by the end of April... but today's the lsat day for that! They need to get it done before the hotel refund deadline passes.

Chris Hagish:
It will most likely happen this week.  CCI is swamped this year with all the work that needs to be done.  Plus you add in the new system scares a lot of people making them take CCI's time up to answer questions.  With luck this will be the last year that things change this much for a while.  If nothing else CCI asks for more then 6 months lead up for their convention planing its only fair that we would get time too.

stick it out all you Pros out there your time will be soon and you can join us in drooling about SDCC

Transmute Jun:
I'm not really sure why CCI is 'swamped'. They've known all this was coming since last July. What were they doing from August through February? I understand the delay with regular badges while they were waiting for people to register their Member IDs, but they could have done Pro registration back then.

It seems like the only thing that's been 'on time' this year is the hotel sale. Unfortunately, it has left the pros biting their fingernails. These are the people who create the things we come to see. IMHO they deserve better treatment than CCI has given them.

Chris Hagish:
I dont have half has much faith in the "Pros" as you do, at least when it comes to contributing to SDCC.  Maybe i have just meet the wrong ones but the ones i have talked to dont do anything work related while at SDCC.  Its just a free ticket for having a connection to the industry.  Not trying to deminish what they may be doing outside SDCC but i rarely see the time used for work related contacts.

I have sadly strayed from the topic and will now return

As to what they were doing, keep in mind they run two other conventions.  Contracts do not auto renew themselves either (at least not if you want to get good rates). I would also like to think that the staff has been working on testing the new system. 126K get to go but there must be over half a million of us trying. Even if everyone only sent one piece of mail gets sent to them it would take ages for a staff of 20-30 (the building they work in year around is small) to answer them all.


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