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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginHey guys! This is my first year going: any advice on what NOT to do? We got our hotel and plane tickets but what are something you’ve learned from going to SDCC?

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I will go against the grain here, you couldn't pay me enough to wear sneakers.  I don't like my feet covered so I do just fine in really really good flip flops.   I have been with a broken ankle and then the next year brain surgery in May & was at con in July so it's completely doable.  What I have learned is know your limits & don't be afraid to just go sit & have a break outside by the water or back patio.  You won't miss anything major by taking a breather.  We usually come in on Tuesday & I immediately order instacart delivery to hotel for our snacks/waters/sodas. 

I actually have what my little group calls "awesome backpack cooler stool"  so I always have something to sit on when needed lol

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